Long-term residents take cultural excursions

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LBJ's boyhood homeCORE Health long-term residents traveled to Johnson City to visit President Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home on Aug. 9. Many of our older residents have vivid memories of the ’60s and LBJ’s contributions to the country, so this was especially exciting for them. The Visitors’ Center has collections of photos and memorabilia that were fascinating to everyone from CORE. We also watched a movie about the life of Lady Bird Johnson and learned about her passion to beautify America and protect the national parks. She also loved wildflowers. (more…)

Resident Spotlight: Susan McDaniel

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Susan McDaniel, like many of us, was living a full and busy life, taking care of her children  and providing a great life for them. Last November, Susan’s life took a drastic turn.

Susan McDanielOne morning, she was found unresponsive and was taken to the hospital where she was treated for cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, hypoxic encephalopathy, aspiration pneumonia, seizures and dysphagia. Understandably, Susan’s family wasn’t prepared for any of this or the long recovery journey Susan faced.

When she arrived at CORE Health Care this March, Susan was using a wheelchair and could only tolerate it for three to four hours a day. She was at risk of falling and needed assistance with dressing and showering. She also had poor fine motor skills and poor hand-eye coordination. Susan had very little memory and needed helped in just about every area of her life, both cognitively and physically. Following a schedule was very difficult for Susan and she wasn’t aware of her deficits and why she was having such a hard time functioning.

With the help of a great family support system and the incredible team at CORE, Susan has been able to accomplish great things in our rehab program. During her time at CORE, Susan has worked with the teams in physical, occupational, speech and cognitive therapy. Most recently, Susan has been working on visual reasoning, sequencing, visual perceptual skills, upper-extremity coordination and cooking in occupational therapy. While she still needs a little help with cooking, Susan now needs only moderate cues for visual perceptual puzzles and functional tasks. (more…)

Latest treatment advances for Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury and stroke discussed at symposium

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CORE Health Care is very excited to be one of the sponsors of the upcoming Collaborating for Cures symposium on May 1 in Austin. Several of the country’s most expert practitioners will discuss cutting-edge treatments and imaging techniques being developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury and stroke.

The symposium will feature presentations on stem cells, treatments for closed head injury, disorders of consciousness, dementia imaging, drug screening for degeneration, pain syndrome after stoke, emerging therapeutics in ischemic stroke, and neurorecovery versus neurorehabilitation, as well as provide a forum for leading scientists in the field to share ideas and discuss potential collaboration.Older man and young girl sitting on a dock

Patients and their families may attend at no cost.

“We are committed to providing advanced care to our patients while pioneering the science of medicine through research,” said Mark Burnett., neurosurgeon and executive medical director of NeuroTexas Institute at St. David’s HealthCare. “This symposium will allow us to share what we already know and to explore the endless opportunities for new treatment options for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of stroke.” (more…)

Jeromy’s Story

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As a young man, Jeromy loved tinkering with cars and spending time with his friends and children.

But the life Jeromy was leading took an almost fatal turn after a car accident in his home town of Texarkana left him with a decompressed skull fracture.

Jeromy spent almost two years mostly immobile. Then his mom heard about CORE Health Care and received state funding.

Jeromy’s care at CORE included simultaneous speech pathology, cognitive therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, individually and in groups.

Jeromy has gone from being bed ridden to being able to sit up on his own; from being tube fed to eating by himself. Despite a blind right eye, he’s learned to navigate on a scooter. While his brain was severely injured, he is able to build a relationship with his daughter and is slowly gaining independence.

Jeromy, we’re so proud of you and wish you much success as you continue to recover!

CORE Health Care Selected as Top 2012 Austin Workplace

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CORE Health Care has been selected as one of the Top Austin Workplaces for 2012, based on employees’ responses to questions on leadership direction, training, inclusion, pay and benefits.

CORE employee working with client“We are thrilled to receive the recognition of one of Austin’s Top Workplaces for 2012,” said Eric Makowski, CEO of CORE Health Care. “Of course, we know that our employees are our most important asset, and the world-class rehabilitation we provide would not be possible without all of them, their hard work and their ideas for making our service better. It’s exciting to see that our employees are so full of pride for their company as well!”

Employers were nominated last May. The final surveys were conducted by Workplace Dynamics.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, the happiest employees in the United States credit their bliss to first-rate employee incentives, ample benefits, career advancement programs and great work-life balance. The companies that have been the most dedicated to cultivating and advancing these things in the past year have seen employee happiness soar. (more…)

CORE Health Care Now Has MediTouch Rehabilitation System, First Facility in Texas

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Clients at CORE Health Care now have access to state-of-the art software and equipment to help their functional recovery.

Combining wearable devices with rehabilitation software, the MediTouch Rehabilitation System allows therapists to customize exercises based on an individual’s movement ability. CORE Health Care is the first facility in Texas to offer MediTouch to its patients.

Man using ArmTutor“CORE is always looking at novel methods and interventions for boosting neuroplastic recovery,” said Eric Makowski, CORE Health Care CEO. “The MediTouch system fits that bill and will keep residents engaged longer in therapy sessions, ultimately enhancing their outcomes.”

Designed for people recovering from stroke, brain injury, orthopedic injury, nerve injury, muscle weakness and other injuries, the MediTouch system offers HandTutor, ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3D-Tutor, which, along with the software, can be used separately or together. (more…)

Family Fishing Event on Lady Bird Lake

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Family fishing activities, including a catch and release catfish tank, casting lessons and shore fishing, are highlights of the Accessible Fishing for All Celebration Sept. 29 at Festival Beach on Lady Bird Lake from 9 a.m. to noon.

Sponsored by the CORE Health Foundation, the event will benefit the ADA Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Pier project on Lady Bird LaBoy in wheelchair fishing.ke.

Environmental education activities, a silent auction, and fish themed games are also on the schedule. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Colorado River Foundation are just two of the many sponsors, vendors and other organizations that will be offering information and education. The LaRues will provide a funky mix of eminently danceable songs.

“The purpose of the Accessible Fishing for All Celebration is to highlight the abilities of individuals with special needs in the great outdoors,” said Nicole Harmon, executive director of the CORE Health Foundation. (more…)

CORE Health Care receives three-year CARF accreditation, most that can be given

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CORE Health Care, an innovative rehabilitation and long-term care facility for people with brain injury, psychiatric disorders and developmental disabilities, recently received a three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

The three-year accreditation is the most any provider can receive.

“It’s truly an honor to have our wonderful team members be recognized by an international accrediting body for their achievements and commitment to quality care,” said James S. Misko, Psy.D., president and co-owner of CORE Health Care. “We like to think of ourselves as exemplary in many ways, so for an experienced team of professionals to validate that belief is very fulfilling.” (more…)

Latest treatment advances for traumatic brain injury and stroke presented at symposium

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Some of the country’s leading practitioners will discuss the cutting-edge treatments and imaging techniques being developed to treat traumatic brain injury and stroke at a symposium on May 4 in Austin.

Collaborating for Cures speakers“Collaborating for Cures: Emerging Translational Research in the Stroke and TBI Care Continuum” will feature presentations on neuroplasticity, stem cell policy and regulatory issues, neuroimaging techniques and analysis, as well as provide a forum for leading scientists in the field to share ideas and discuss potential collaborations. (more…)

Help send a CORE resident to camp

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At CORE Health Care, we provide post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care for adults with brain injuries, psychiatric disorders and other special needs.  Along with a team of other therapists, we help our clients to reach their goals of improving their independence.

Girl swimming at campEach summer CORE Health Care sends a group on a fun filled weekend to Camp For All for three exciting three days and two nights of everything from horseback riding and dancing to rock wall climbing and zip lining.  When I went last year, I saw the difference this one weekend made, giving the campers a sense of accomplishment when they climbed a wall or making lasting connections with people with similar conditions.

This year, we may be forced to turn away a large percentage of our clients because of a lack of funds.  Camp costs $240 per person for the weekend.  This includes transportation, meals, caregivers and camp activities.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by April 3.  Any amount that you are willing to donate is greatly appreciated. (more…)