CORE Health’s upgrade to electronic health records: results backed by science

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by CORE Health Care Admin No Comments

CORE Health’s custom-designed electronic health record system recently became fully operational. It was a project that took five years and more than $300,000 to implement.

electronic medical recordThe system is completely integrated, which means that everyone at CORE – from physicians to managers to clinicians to people that provide direct care – can enter and see ALL the information on each and every patient.

I can see that some of you are stifling yawns out there, so let me tell you why we’re all so excited to have this amazing technology.

Instead of flipping through various pages of different therapy reports, all of us at CORE can now instantly see our patients’ global progress as well as progress on individual tasks – speaking, walking, cognitive function, etc. – all at once.

Electronic health records allow us to instantly view our extensive series of quality metrics, allowing us to spot trends before any serious event happens, which improves safety for our patients. Spotting these trends also allows us to better refine our interventions and patient care, ensuring that each patient gets the therapies and activities that are most beneficial for him or her.

At CORE, we believe that investing in technology that has been scientifically proven to give our patients better outcomes is good for them and good for us. The new electronic health records is another in a long list of innovations we’ve incorporated into our patient care, including using neuroimaging to target impaired cortical network systems, software that improves cognitive and sensory function, and therapy to improve cardiovascular health.

“We made this significant investment in a proprietary electronic health record system instead of investing in other, unproven technologies because this system will clearly provide better care and better outcomes for our patients,” said Dr. Jim Misko, president and co-owner of CORE Health.

“Globally, our clinical outcomes studies show that our outcomes are improving over all the metrics before we started using the electronic health record system,” added Eric Makowski, CORE Health CEO and co-owner. “We’re very excited to be able to offer this innovation to our patients.”

Sadly, like many industries, the rehabilitation community can be dazzled by rehabilitation treatments that promise miraculous results in a very short time with minimal effort. So part of our job is to cut through the hype and evaluate the science behind anything new. We continually monitor all developing rehabilitation technologies and interventions; when the science is sound and they’re proven to make a difference for our patients, we’ll invest.

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