Long-term residents take cultural excursions

Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by CORE Health Care Admin No Comments

LBJ's boyhood homeCORE Health long-term residents traveled to Johnson City to visit President Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home on Aug. 9. Many of our older residents have vivid memories of the ’60s and LBJ’s contributions to the country, so this was especially exciting for them. The Visitors’ Center has collections of photos and memorabilia that were fascinating to everyone from CORE. We also watched a movie about the life of Lady Bird Johnson and learned about her passion to beautify America and protect the national parks. She also loved wildflowers.

On Aug. 15, the residents traveled to the Blanton Museum in Austin. This gem is on the University of Texas campus down the street from  the Capitol. The current exhibit is “Life Like” by Ron Muerk. His sculpture of a person has amazing details — the hair and skin pores on the art make it difficult to distinguish the sculpture from a live being. It was so life-like that many residents wanted to reach out and touch the artwork. The visit was a great opportunity to practice appropriate public behavior, including keeping soft voices, not touching objects and listening to the tour guides.

Other artworks that caught the residents’ eyes were a large trash bag sculpted from marble and a painting of a Jimi Hendrix album that looked like a record inside the frame. But everyone’s favorite piece of art was a room filled with 600,000 pennies. Imagine!

It’s been quite a fun, busy summer and the residents enjoyed the outings immensely.

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